• kong-plugin-html-replacer by thg303 — downloads: 24
    Replaces user specified searches in html responses
  • repler by bartbes — downloads: 36
    A repl for LOVE programs
  • debugger by 3scale — downloads: 49k
    A simple, highly embedabble CLI debugger for Lua 5.x, and LuaJIT 2.0.
  • kong-plugin-url-replace by torresmat — downloads: 773
    KongAPI Gateway middleware plugin for replacing patterns for strings in REQUEST PATH. Accepts string.gsub parameters.
  • lua-resty-repl by saksmlz — downloads: 118k
    repl for openresty.
  • trepl-torchless by vsergeev — downloads: 222
    A REPL for Lua/LuaJIT.
  • kong-plugin-path-replacer by emartech — downloads: 257
    Replace placeholders in upstream service URLs.
  • Odielak by Darvame — downloads: 103
    A small lua lib, that performs char (1 byte) to value replacements, like string.gsub, but more faster
  • moor by nymphium — downloads: 707
    MoonScript REPL
  • interlu by raingloom — downloads: 19
    (Pure) Lua REPL that aims to be familiar
  • kong-plugin-replace-url by ShiningRush — downloads: 323
    This kong plugin allow you to replace upstream url.
  • hotswap by saucisson — downloads: 3,265
    Replacement for 'require' that allows hotswapping
  • mooni by steved — downloads: 715
    Simple interactive MoonScript
  • lrexrepl by osch — downloads: 98
    Commandline tool: Search and Replace in multiple files using Regular Expressions and Lua
  • ltcn by craigb — downloads: 25
    Lua Table Constructor Notation
  • StackTracePlus by ignacio — downloads: 1,169
    StackTracePlus provides enhanced stack traces for Lua
  • lua-resty-jwt-48606 by fghpdf — downloads: 59
    JWT for ngx_lua and LuaJIT.
  • MoonPlus by pigpigyyy — downloads: 381
    MoonPlus is a compiler for Moonscript written in C++.
  • lua-llthreads2 by moteus — downloads: 216k
    Low-Level threads for Lua
  • XSSFilter by luarocks — downloads: 406
    A filter to prevernt cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks
  • lua-resty-console by nickr — downloads: 531
    Interactive console (REPL) for Openresty to inspect Lua VM internal state, to run lua code, to invoke functions and more
  • tmg-cookie-auth-shim by Gx — downloads: 309
    TMG Cookie Auth Shim
  • strsubst by cehteh — downloads: 158
    String substitution engine
  • croissant by giann — downloads: 959
    A Lua REPL implemented in Lua
  • luarepl by hoelzro — downloads: 41.1k
    A reusable REPL component for Lua, written in Lua
  • filekit by daelvn — downloads: 513
    A wrapper around LuaFileSystem that implements some more functions.
  • fat_error by henry4k — downloads: 167
    Replace error messages with error objects that store metadata.
  • modjail by siffiejoe — downloads: 99
    Isolated global environments for Lua modules
  • promise-lua by pyericz — downloads: 9,030
    An es6-javascript Promise mechanism implemented by Lua.
  • tdcli.lua by si_kabayan — downloads: 558
    A simple Lua library for the telegram-cli.
  • lua-mtrace by Zash — downloads: 81
    Verbose memory allocator
  • OiL by luarocks — downloads: 1,478
    An Object Request Broker in Lua
  • CopasTimer by Tieske — downloads: 5,372
    Copas add-on to provide timers, background tasks and optionally events
  • lua-resty-execvp by 3scale — downloads: 23.9k
    lua-resty-execvp - execvp FFI wrapper
  • deeptrace by raingloom — downloads: 6
    A simple replacement for StackTracePlus, that uses inspect.lua and is easier to analyze
  • lua-filesize by starius — downloads: 299
    Generate a human readable string describing the file size
  • co2 by bartbes — downloads: 5
    co2 is an extended replacement for the lua coroutine library
  • abelhas by luarocks — downloads: 19.4k
    A particle swarm optimization (PSO) package for Lua
  • Preloader by maia — downloads: 789
    Generator of Lua Module Pre-Loading Code.
  • hotfix by jinq0123 — downloads: 33
    Lua 5.2/5.3 hotfix. Hot update functions and keep old data.
  • l by daurnimator — downloads: 22
    A lua REPL
  • kong-path-whitelist by seifchen — downloads: 83
    This plugin enables white path for route, support regex
  • luaish-windows by Choonster — downloads: 132
    luaish is a better REPL for Lua. luaish is based on lua.lua which is a Lua interpreter front-end written in Lua by David Manura.
  • vectorize by wqferr — downloads: 74
    Simple and naïve vectorization for Lua.
  • lua-llthreads2-compat by moteus — downloads: 705
    Low-Level threads for Lua
  • lua-docx by paragasu — downloads: 132
    Simple lua library to replace tags in the docx template file

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