Elegant Lua unit testing.

$ luarocks install busted

An elegant, extensible, testing framework.
Ships with a large amount of useful asserts,
plus the ability to write your own. Output
in pretty or plain terminal format, JSON,
or TAP for CI integration. Great for TDD
and unit, integration, and functional tests.


scm-0dev1 year ago62 downloads
2.0.rc12-1243 days ago135,438 downloads
2.0.rc11-01 year ago57,967 downloads
2.0.rc10-11 year ago852 downloads
2.0.rc10-01 year ago8,248 downloads
2.0.rc9-01 year ago669 downloads
2.0.rc8-01 year ago1,571 downloads
2.0.rc7-01 year ago1,339 downloads
2.0.rc6-01 year ago278 downloads
2.0.rc5-02 years ago582 downloads
2.0.rc4-02 years ago813 downloads
2.0.rc3-02 years ago5,437 downloads
2.0.rc2-02 years ago113 downloads
2.0.rc1-02 years ago215 downloads
2.0.rc0-02 years ago55 downloads
1.11.1-21 year ago939 downloads
1.11.1-12 years ago805 downloads
1.11.0-12 years ago15,006 downloads
1.10.0-12 years ago4,111 downloads
1.10.0-03 years ago1,405 downloads
1.9.1-03 years ago39 downloads
1.9.0-12 years ago120,336 downloads
1.9.0-03 years ago14 downloads
1.8-12 years ago32 downloads
1.8-03 years ago4 downloads
1.7-12 years ago34 downloads
1.6-12 years ago31 downloads
1.5-12 years ago46 downloads
1.4-12 years ago34 downloads
1.3-12 years ago37 downloads
1.1-12 years ago28 downloads
1.0-12 years ago29 downloads


dkjson >= 2.1.0
lua >= 5.1
lua_cliargs = 3.0-1
LuaFileSystem >= 1.5.0
luassert >= 1.7.8-0
luasystem >= 0.2.0-0
lua-term >= 0.1-1
mediator_lua >= 1.1.1-0
penlight >= 1.3.2-2
say >= 1.3-0

Dependency for

busted-stable, ios-icons, ios-icons, jwt, jwt-jitsi, Loowy, lua-resty-busted, lusty, lusty-config, lusty-error-status, lusty-form, lusty-html, lusty-json, lusty-log, lusty-log-console, lusty-mustache, lusty-request-file, lusty-request-pattern, lusty-rewrite-param, lusty-statsd, lusty-store, lusty-store-mongo, lusty-store-mysql, lusty-template, promise, riemoon, Sailor, validate-args