Elegant Lua unit testing.

$ luarocks install busted

An elegant, extensible, testing framework.
Ships with a large amount of useful asserts,
plus the ability to write your own. Output
in pretty or plain terminal format, JSON,
or TAP for CI integration. Great for TDD
and unit, integration, and functional tests.


scm-0dev2 years ago99 downloads
2.0.rc12-11 year ago251,322 downloads
2.0.rc11-02 years ago58,256 downloads
2.0.rc10-12 years ago1,763 downloads
2.0.rc10-02 years ago9,618 downloads
2.0.rc9-02 years ago676 downloads
2.0.rc8-02 years ago1,575 downloads
2.0.rc7-02 years ago1,344 downloads
2.0.rc6-02 years ago283 downloads
2.0.rc5-02 years ago595 downloads
2.0.rc4-02 years ago1,223 downloads
2.0.rc3-03 years ago6,418 downloads
2.0.rc2-03 years ago136 downloads
2.0.rc1-03 years ago220 downloads
2.0.rc0-03 years ago61 downloads
1.11.1-22 years ago1,165 downloads
1.11.1-13 years ago834 downloads
1.11.0-13 years ago43,332 downloads
1.10.0-13 years ago4,807 downloads
1.10.0-04 years ago1,464 downloads
1.9.1-04 years ago65 downloads
1.9.0-13 years ago138,645 downloads
1.9.0-04 years ago18 downloads
1.8-13 years ago63 downloads
1.8-04 years ago8 downloads
1.7-13 years ago54 downloads
1.6-13 years ago53 downloads
1.5-13 years ago83 downloads
1.4-13 years ago101 downloads
1.3-13 years ago65 downloads
1.1-13 years ago50 downloads
1.0-13 years ago56 downloads


dkjson >= 2.1.0
lua >= 5.1
lua_cliargs = 3.0-1
LuaFileSystem >= 1.5.0
luassert >= 1.7.8-0
luasystem >= 0.2.0-0
lua-term >= 0.1-1
mediator_lua >= 1.1.1-0
penlight >= 1.3.2-2
say >= 1.3-0

Dependency for

busted-stable, gin, ios-icons, ios-icons, jwt, jwt-jitsi, lluv-busted, Loowy, lua-resty-busted, lusty, lusty-config, lusty-error-status, lusty-form, lusty-html, lusty-json, lusty-log, lusty-log-console, lusty-mustache, lusty-request-file, lusty-request-pattern, lusty-rewrite-param, lusty-statsd, lusty-store, lusty-store-mongo, lusty-store-mysql, lusty-template, promise, riemoon, Sailor, validate-args