lua-resty-aws-email by paragasu — downloads: 82
Lua resty module to send email using AWS Simple Email Service(SES)
lua-resty-env by 3scale — downloads: 711
lua-resty-env - Lua cache for calls to `os.getenv`.
lua-resty-jwt by SkyLothar — downloads: 25,146
JWT for ngx_lua and LuaJIT.
lua-resty-redis-connector by pintsized — downloads: 6,130
Connection utilities for lua-resty-redis.
lua-resty-url by 3scale — downloads: 753
lua-resty-url - URL parser
lua-resty-openidc by hans.zandbelt — downloads: 6,077
A library for NGINX implementing the OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) and the OAuth 2.0 Resource Server (RS) functionality
lua-resty-murmurhash2 by bungle — downloads: 409
LuaJIT MurmurHash 2 Bindings to Nginx / OpenResty murmurhash2 implementation.
lua-resty-couchdb by paragasu — downloads: 127
Minimalist couchdb client for lua resty
lua-resty-nettle by bungle — downloads: 1,894
LuaJIT FFI bindings for Nettle (a low-level cryptographic library)
lua-resty-session by bungle — downloads: 15,930
Session library for OpenResty – flexible and secure
lua-resty-cors by detailyang — downloads: 108
lua-resty-xxhash by bungle — downloads: 48
LuaJIT FFI-bindings to xxHash, an Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm.
lua-resty-scrypt by bungle — downloads: 213
LuaJIT FFI-based scrypt library for OpenResty.
lua-resty-injection by bungle — downloads: 27
LuaJIT FFI bindings to libinjection — SQL / SQLI / XSS tokenizer parser analyzer
lua-resty-worker-events by mashape — downloads: 6,818
Cross worker eventbus for OpenResty
lua-resty-validation by bungle — downloads: 1,450
Validation Library (Input Validation and Filtering) for Lua and OpenResty
lua-resty-aries by doublespout — downloads: 34
Templating Engine (HTML) for Lua and OpenResty
lua-resty-snappy by bungle — downloads: 237
LuaJIT FFI bindings for Snappy, a fast compressor/decompressor (
lua-resty-prettycjson by bungle — downloads: 1,345
JSON Pretty Formatter for Lua cJSON
lua-resty-hoedown by bungle — downloads: 959
LuaJIT FFI bindings to Hoedown, a standards compliant, fast, secure markdown processing library in C
lua-resty-nettle by mashape — downloads: 0
LuaJIT FFI bindings for Nettle (a low-level cryptographic library)
lua-resty-fileinfo by bungle — downloads: 140
LuaJIT FFI bindings to libmagic, magic number recognition library - tries to determine file types.
lua-resty-reqargs by bungle — downloads: 217
Helper to Retrieve HTTP Request Arguments and File Uploads
lua-resty-uuid by bungle — downloads: 5,949
DCE compatible Universally Unique Identifier (UUID/GUID) library
lua-resty-qless by pintsized — downloads: 1,268
Lua binding to Qless (Queue / Pipeline management) for OpenResty
lua-resty-exec by jprjr — downloads: 686
Run external programs in OpenResty without spawning a shell
Wiola by KSDaemon — downloads: 81
LUA WAMP router
lua-resty-template by bungle — downloads: 12,320
Templating Engine (HTML) for Lua and OpenResty
lua-resty-passwdqc by bungle — downloads: 40
LuaJIT FFI bindings to libpasswdqc — a password / passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement toolset
lua-resty-libcjson by bungle — downloads: 2,971
LuaJIT FFI-based cJSON library (tested with OpenResty too).
lua-resty-aws-auth by paragasu — downloads: 803
Lua resty module to calculate AWS signature v4 authorization header
lua-resty-sse by mrgonza78 — downloads: 1,935
lua-resty-mysql by leite — downloads: 20
Lua MySQL client driver for ngx_lua based on the cosocket API.
lua-resty-repl by saksmlz — downloads: 1,301
repl for openresty.
lua-resty-mediador by mashape — downloads: 2,355
Mediador, determine address of proxied request and IP handling
resty-newrelic by saksmlz — downloads: 641
Lua newrelic client library for OpenResty / ngx_lua.
lua-resty-fluent-logger by aretan — downloads: 1,693
Fluentd client for OpenResty/ngx_lua
lua-resty-auto-ssl by GUI — downloads: 219,172
Automatic SSL handling for OpenResty
LuaRestyRedis by uuser — downloads: 14,430
Lua redis client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API
lua-resty-memcached by NBZ4live — downloads: 730
Lua memcached client driver for the OpenResty / ngx_lua based on the cosocket API.
lua-resty-upload by starius — downloads: 837
Streaming reader and parser for http file uploading based on ngx_lua cosocket
resty-mongol by olivine-labs — downloads: 5,034
Mongo driver for openresty.
lua-resty-jit-uuid by thibaultcha — downloads: 14,692
Fast and dependency-free UUID library for LuaJIT/ngx_lua
lua-resty-dns-client by mashape — downloads: 13,591
DNS library
lua-resty-beanstalkd by shurshun — downloads: 22
Lua beastalkd client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API
lua-resty-waf by p0pr0ck5 — downloads: 1,161
High-performance WAF built on the OpenResty stack
lua-resty-hmac by jameskmarlowe — downloads: 10,944
HMAC library for Lua and OpenResty
lua-resty-iputils by hamish — downloads: 172,079
Utility functions for working with IP addresses in Openresty
lua-resty-consul by hamish — downloads: 2,858
Library to interface with the consul HTTP API from ngx_lua
kong-oidc by phirvone — downloads: 140
A Kong plugin for implementing the OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) functionality

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