Lua utility libraries loosely based on the Python standard libraries

Penlight is a set of pure Lua libraries for making it easier to work with common tasks like
iterating over directories, reading configuration files and the like. Provides functional operations
on tables and sequences.


scm-1dev8 years ago455 downloads
1.5.4-15 years ago582,184 downloads
1.5.3-15 years ago517 downloads
1.5.2-15 years ago27,222 downloads
1.5.1-15 years ago1,627 downloads
1.5.0-15 years ago222 downloads
1.4.1-16 years ago76,433 downloads
1.4.0-16 years ago1,418 downloads
1.3.2-28 years ago303,898 downloads
1.3.1-18 years ago10,721 downloads
1.2.1-18 years ago308 downloads
1.1.0-38 years ago682 downloads
1.1.0-28 years ago55 downloads
1.1.0-18 years ago51 downloads
1.0.0-18 years ago1,215 downloads
0.9.8-18 years ago3,329 downloads
0.9.5-18 years ago2,112 downloads
0.9.4-18 years ago49 downloads
0.8-18 years ago60 downloads


Dependency for

AC-LuaServer, amber-apigw, api7-lua-resty-dns-client, APIcast, APIOAK, aspect, atlas, busted, busted, busted, busted, Cassowary, ccrunx-compose, cldr, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, combustion, commonmark, cwtest, dd-lua-tester, ddt, dns, docroc, dogmac, dogma-core, eaw-abstraction-layer, fffonion-busted, fluent, Formatter, FormatterFiveOne, fss, gin, glyphify, homie, kong, kong, kong-lua-resty-kafka, kong-oidc-google-groups, kRPC, ldoc, ldoc, ldoc, libssh, luacov-html, luadist2, LuaDocumentor, luagq, luahue, luaish-windows, luaish-windows, luakuroshiro, LuaLoL, luamon, lua-resty-aws, lua-resty-dns-client, lua-resty-etcd, lua-resty-gaze, lua-resty-healthcheck, lua-resty-uh, LuaTwit, mocka, moonrocks, multipart, nested-cli, nokia-fork-lua-resty-dns-client, npssdk, orange, pokitdok, rockexp, rockspec2cmake, tlua, trepl-torchless, twrl, wowcig